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Price: $739.99 (usd)

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Product Description: Canadian Bass Wood Solid Body with A Maple Neck or Rosewood Finger Board

Guarantee: One Year Warranty on Hardware and Electronics

My Rank: 9.5 out 10

The Godin Session Series Electric Guitar Review

Today we are going to review the Godin Session Guitar series a line of guitars that came out in 2006 and has been gaining popularity among guitar players ever since. It has a track record for being versatile while maintaining strict product quality control that Robert Godin established when he first created Godin Guitars back in the early 1970s.

Robert is well-known for being a stickler to detail and this Guitar is no exception.

Where I Found This Guitar

In the early summer of 2018 there’s a little guitar shop just down the street from where I work. As I was grabbing a coffee with a colleague we passed by the window when this beautiful guitar caught my eye. I stopped and looked and I couldn’t believe my eyes, the price tag was set at several hundred off the retail price. Knowing what these guitars usually sell at; I just had to inquire.

Asked the shop owner what was wrong with these guitars, “Nothing…” he said

“Are they used?” I replied

“No brand new, I just can’t get rid of them. No-one around here understands the value of these guitars!”

That’s weird I thought, Godin Guitars has always had a reputation of high quality.

Several months later walking by the same shop, now he had these same guitars on sale for even lower, now I just had to get one! On my lunch break I went in and played with 3 of them until I found the one I liked.

Why These Guitars Are Awesome

If you are a Strat Cat like me you can surely appreciate the tone of these types of guitars. I love the versatility but to have such a rich tone I had to find out what made this guitar similar and yet so unique.

I have been playing a Levinson Blade (a very expensive strat copy), that I picked up and used back in 1996, or ’97 and I have been playing this guitar for all this time. I love this Levinson Blade guitar, and have for well over 20 years. I have never broke a string on stage, and this has been my guitar of choice. I never though I would ever play anything else…

But when I plugged this Godin Session into a tweed amp, I was immediately hooked. The tones of this guitar blew me away. The neck pick-up sounds so much like a ’50’s strat I couldn’t believe it. I immediately started playing Stevie Ray Vaughan licks all over this thing!

The bridge pick-up with the hum bucker pick-up, outstanding!! And then you can pull the tone knob to switch to a single coil, that sounds incredible.

Robert Godin is a French Canadian and has extensive experience with building guitars from different woods. Fenders are famous for using Ash or Alder woods but Robert uses Canadian basswood which is known for nice warm tone that is heavy in the mid-range and is extremely light weight.

The electronics is really where this guitar shines using 2 single coil Godin pickups and a hum bucker bridge pickup that also has a push/pull that changes the humbucker to a single coil.

Very versatile if you need to switch between a rock sound to a more country or bluesy sound. Especially with the clean tone on the bridge pickup it gives you a nasally sound that helps with your more aggressive country styles.

The 5 Positions in Detail

The only way that I can describe these Godin pick-ups is the brightness of the tones. Starting with the neck pick-up, if you really want that truly authentic strat sound for playing anything bluesy or even Hendrix, this pick-up has you covered. It has a nice rick bass tone, but the mid-range is nice and punchy.

Try playing Little Wing with a clean tone and you will instantly know what I am talking about. So for that truly bluesy strat sound this neck pick up delivers on point.

The middle pick-up gives a nice mid-range tone that sounds great clean. If you dirty that up just a little, you can play some really nice country or jazzy licks. This pick up is great for clean sounding almost like playing an acoustic. In fact when I play this pick-up live with an acoustic the tones just sound magical.

Switching to 4th position and playing the neck and middle pick-ups together gives you a nice Eric Clapton type tone. This is a little too bassy for me, but if want to make a statement you can’t go wrong with the 4th position. It’s nice and punchy when you hit the strings hard with your picking hand.

Getting to the bridge pick-up, this is my favorite feature. This pick up has tremendous sustain, but when fully loaded with distortion man look out! I can get some great quality tones out of this, especially when I am playing ZZ Top tunes or even some AC/DC.

If you want that tele type tone then you can switch this into the second position and play the bridge and middle pick-ups together. Try that with a Lynard Skynard’s Sweet Home, and you’ve got yourself a home run!

These pick-ups are just incredible!

Don’t Let the Price Fool You

Sometimes in the Guitar world we believe that we need to spend a ton of money to get a decent sounding guitar. In most cases we do, however with Godin’s keen eye for detail, he gives us a great working machine for a really good price.

These Godin Session guitars can range go for $1,000 but I on Amazon I was able to find you this beautiful Session guitar for just $739.99 brand new.

Just because this guitar is cheap, it certainly does not SOUND cheap! The Godin Session Guitars is now my guitar of choice and after 20 years of playing my Levinson Blade, I am more than happy to retire that guitar and use this one as my go to.

These Godin Session Series are seriously high quality guitars at very affordable prices, which is one of the reasons why I love these guitars so much.


I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. If you are guitar player like me and enjoy having an extremely versatile guitar, this guitar will deliver and then some!

In my bands, we like to play a wide variety of music. Anything from Skynard to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Queen to Santana. And being able to play these songs with this guitar is truly special. The band still raves about how the tone sounds so much better with the Godin than with the more expensive stratocaster.

If you have the same experience with the Godin, please feel free to leave a comment, I always enjoy reading what you have to say!

Here’s the link to grab yours today!

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